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November 21, 2008
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Mr. Serious Business by Ultra-Raptor Mr. Serious Business by Ultra-Raptor
He is the sexiest robot bouncer evah. >.>

Ahem... This is Mr. Serious Business. In the past he's worked at night clubs such as Pocket D, but right now he's been hired to work at the dance club owned by DJR/Jaderider, which is named Intergalactic 13.

When it comes to punks trying to sneak into the club or drunk party goers trying disrupt everything, Mr. Serious Business deals with them quickly and professionally. Eight feet tall with super strength and equipped with a stylish red bow tie, he can take care of multiple ruffians at once and send them packing. This also includes the many larger visitors to the club, such as Transformers and the like. Though laughably small when compared to the average sized Transformer, he can kick them out with considerable ease just as he would with any human.

Being the "tough guy" has lead Mr. Serious Business to quite the chick magnet, even more so when those chicks are inebriated in some way. Secretly, he enjoys the female attention he often receives, but he always puts his work first and politely shoos them away if they get too clingy. He'll also offer or set up taxi arrangements for those that are really plastered, cuss he is awesome like that.

As for the actual image itself, I wish it turned out better (I'm serious.) There are few things I screwed up. I also wish I could have drawn his whole body in, because his lower legs are digigrade and mechanical. They are really cool looking. >.<

Some people might know that I created Mr. SB in the game called City of Heros/Villans a looong time yeah.
[link] Screen taken by :iconmaximumoverdrive: of Mr. SB and her character.
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Water-Melony Nov 25, 2008
he so cool - i love his chest ^w^
Eeee, thanks. Originally he was going to have a tie, but the customizability options in the game wouldn't give him a tie unless he had a shirt on. So I went with the bow tie as the next best thing. XD
He is totally srs bsns. Don't mess with him! :O
Realm-Of-The-Shadows Nov 23, 2008  Hobbyist Interface Designer
i wanna see him kick some ass! XD
Fastfood Nov 22, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow, very cool, nice work!
He looks awesome, and is possibly the example of what every bouncer should be. ^w^
This world needs robot bouncers! ...and more robots in general! >8D
More robots for all!
Kinda looks like Daft Punk...but with horns! @_@
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